Possum Removal Brunswick

Know About Our Professional Possum Removal Brunswick Services

Are aware of the fact that possum removal is illegal? Well yes, it’s important to get possum pest control services from an authorized and certified company. Therefore, choosing us is going to be an ideal choice. Since our services are authorized, our team is legally permitted to offer possum removal Brunswick services. Be it dead possum removal or the removal of an alive one, you need a proper permit to get rid of possums. Also, dealing with possums on your own can be dangerous. Since handling them without precautions can lead to them biting and scratching you. It’s important to hire our team who are fully equipped and well experienced and offers the best services to the people in Brunswick. 

In order to seek more information regarding the legal information and our services, you can contact us at (+61) 344 224 687. If not, we are also available on the website.

Get Our Possum Removal Services For Residential And Commercial Spaces At Reasonable Prices!

Our services are made available to all the people across Brunswick. Be it residential or commercial space, our services are available in all the right places. To catch hold of possums, it’s important to choose the right team. We offer the most efficient possum removal services at affordable prices. Having possums on your property can lead to a lot of damage. So, it’s necessary to get rid of them as early as possible. Here are the reasons to get our services in your residential and commercial spaces: 

  • Possums can be a threat to you and your family members including your pets.
  • Possums can create a lot of fuss and can make your property messy and untidy.
  • If they are present in your commercial space, they lead to damage to costly equipment and can damage your reputation. 
  • When possums find a way into your property, you need to struggle with the odour that their droppings can release. 
  • Having possums in your house means welcoming all sorts of unwanted infections and allergies. 
  • Since they feed on dust and garbage, they bring in many germs and disease-causing microbes. 

You Need To Know Why Is It Important To Remove Dead Possum?

The dead body of a possum needs instant attention and calls dead possum removal services. The dead possums are mostly found in the basements, garages, on the roofs, etc. So, if it is present in any of these places, you would not know instantly. Due to their scavenging nature, they often lookout for food and shelter. Mostly they settle on the roofs. As it is with less traffic and they can remain undisturbed for longer durations. Therefore, to remove possums from the roof, get our expert help right away. If not, they will rot in the next few days. After which they will become the breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. In addition, they also release bad odour and attract insects. This lingering odour can result in other pest infestations as well. 

To avoid all the fuss, it’s important to inspect your property now and then and get our professional possum removal services if you find any dead possums. 

You Need To Know More About Our End To End Possum Pest Control Process In Brunswick

Possums are protected species by the government. Therefore, you should handle them with extreme caution and great care. Relocating them to a new location can cause excessive stress and might lead to the death of the possum. We use a streamlined process for pest control in Brunswick. We coordinate with various other departments to ensure the smooth process flow of the possums’ removal. While doing all these, our possum removal Brunswick team also makes sure that we are following all the legal guidelines. Here is how we perform our end to end possum pest removal process: 

  • Inspection Of Possums: To locate the possums, we inspect the areas where they are most likely to habitat. For instance, we inspect the roofs, basements, cupboards, garages, gardens, etc. Our inspectors from possum removal Brunswick thoroughly inspect your area. After this, we generate a report and follow up on that.
  • Possum Removal: After evaluating the habitats around your property, we tailor plans that include the possum removal, legal approval, bait, and trap.
  • For trapping, our possum trapper uses certain cage traps. These are made of mesh wires. 
  • These are then released near their natural habitats according to the government guidelines.
  • If there are any dead possums, we even remove them as per rules and take the necessary steps.  
  • Prevention Methods: In addition to the possum removal Brunswick services, we even use certain physical barriers to prevent their entry into the house. These barriers can potentially prevent them from making their way into your property and thus leads to getting rid of the fuss.
    • Securing the food of pets.
    • Spiking the fences to prevent their entry.
    • Covering their entry points. 

Why Are Our Possum Removal And Control Brunswick Services Best For You?

Our expert possum catchers are highly efficient in the control and removal of the possums. Since we train our team with necessary methods as per the legal requirements, everything we do is as per law. By getting our possum removal Brunswick services, there won’t be any legal issues in the future. There are many advantages to getting our services, here are a few of them:

  • Pocket-friendly Deals: All the services that we offer are quite affordable and pocket-friendly. Since there are no hidden charges, we don’t charge our clients extra money. 
  • Same-Day Services: We offer our possum removal Brunswick services on the same day as booking your appointment. 
  • Local Authorised Company: Our company is certified and authorized. We do have certified local experts on our team. Therefore, we are aware of all the government guidelines and rules. 
  • Available To Both Commercial And Residential Premises: We cater our services to both residential and commercial properties.
  • Pet-Friendly Methods: Our services are pet-friendly. Since we use non-toxic harsh chemicals, our services are safe for pets and children as well. 

Reach Out To Us For Emergency Possum Catching Services In Brunswick

If you notice any signs of the possums on your property, then you should immediately consult professionals. If you ignore these signs, it might lead to recurring effects and damage to your property. Not only that, they can cause diseases to the occupants and significant damage to the property. Therefore, get our emergency possum removal Brunswick services. Since our local experts are guarded in all the regions of Brunswick, we can provide you with our services as early as possible.  


How to reach out to you 5o get free quotes?

If you would want to get a free no-obligation quote in order to get our services, you can contact us via call.

Do you install plastic barriers around trees?

As a part of preventive measures, we install plastic barriers around your trees in the garden.

Do you offer your emergency possum removal services in Brunswick?

Yes! Our emergency possum removal services are available Brunswick-wide.