How do I Get Rid of Rats in the Garden?

Rats are the biggest and most disgusting kinds of pests. Moreover, they spread a lot of infectious diseases that are contagious. Above all, they create a lot of nuisance when around. Furthermore, sometimes they set up their camps in your garden. They ruin the whole garden. Mostly for people who grow fruits and vegetables in their garden, they can be very troubling. They ruin your food and contaminate them with many diseases. In addition to everything else, diseases spread by these horrible creatures are deadly. But do not worry because there are ways to protect your garden from these little beasts.

6 Best Ways To Get Rids of Rats in the Garden

Although people also use rat traps and poison. But these methods can be risky if you have pets and children at home. Moreover, they are not a permanent pest solution to get rid of them. So, let’s study some methods that will work as rat repellents. 

  • Use Catnip
Catnip Flowers in garden
Catnip Flowers

Catnip can deter rats. We all know about the battle between tom and jerry. If you will plant some catnips in your yard. The rats will confuse its fragrance with cats. So, they will never live in a place with cats. Moreover, they will even stop visiting your yard. Plant the seeds in those spots where there is high traffic of rats. It is a good idea if you execute it properly. 

  • Use Peppermint Oil
peppermint oil plant in garden
peppermint oil plant

Rats can not bear the fragrance of peppermint oil. In fact, they hate the smell. So, you can use pure peppermint oil to get rid of them for good. To use peppermint oil, dip some cotton balls in the oil in order to make them moist. Then leave the cotton balls all over your yard. Do not forget to reapply the whole method, two to three times a week. 

  • Clean Your Garden
Clean garden
clean garden

Make sure that your garden is not a good environment for the rats to live in. Rats are attracted to a dirty environment. Therefore, you should keep your garden clean at all times. If you have any overgrown grass make sure you cut them. Moreover, pick up if there are any stacks of wood. Also, make sure that you get rid of all the fallen fruits if any. 

  • Get Rid Of All The Food Sources

If there will be an unlimited availability of food for the rats. Why would they leave? Therefore, you will have to make sure that there is no food in your garden. Moreover, even make sure that you do not have any leaky taps. As well as do not leave any pet bowls and water in your garden. 

  • Use Soil Nets

You can prevent your garden by using soil netting. Place a layer of soil netting under your soil. This will protect the roots of your plants. However, some rats can also nibble on your soil nets. So, keep an eye on them.

  • Protect Them From Entering Indoors

You should also prevent your house from them. Once they enter your house there is no going back. Therefore, make sure that you fill all seals and cracks. They can travel through even the tiniest cracks. So, you got to step up.

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